Typing Problem


Hi,I am a new atom user.
I pressed [Ctrl+S] to save a file. It was saved but now whenever I press shift the cursor goes to the next line and sometimes copies a certain line of the file in each line.How can I solve it?
Thanks in advance


You can press ctrl-. to open the Keybinding Resolver, which will tell you when a command is triggered. You can take a screenshot of that panel and share it with us and we can explain what’s going on.


Thanks D.Scholar… Here goes the screenshot


…I think he wanted to see what shift resolved to. Maybe you pressed a key before taking the screenshot, and that cleared the resolver.


Don’t click on it. Open the panel and then press shift so that the cursor jumps to the next line. Then take a screenshot.


I have found out later that it’s actually a hardware problem and also found out the solution.But your efforts were really appreciating.Thanks again everyone