Typing is slow and lags


Is it just me or is there a considerable lag for simply typing text in Atom? I restarted my machine, updated Atom, etc., but the lag is pretty noticeable (and annoying). Is this a common problem with Atom or something specific?


I haven’t noticed anything like this and I’m a reasonably fast typist … approximately 80wpm last time I measured. Can you give us an idea of your setup?

  • Which version of Atom?
  • What OS and version?
  • Machine specs?


I just looked into this more and maybe this is related to the processing-language library I’m using. Coding in other projects seem better… Will post an issue on their github…

I’m on a
Macbook pro retina 2012 model,
Osx 10.9.2,
Version of Atom 0.107.0


Also make sure to try the React editor (go to settings, toggle use react editor on). It’s supposed to improve the editor’s performance, it’s a little buggy at the moment though, so it might not work for you (yet).


I had a problem with Atom (v1.1) a few days ago after rebooting system - had to reinstall minimap and pigments packages as they prevented normal working, plus updated some other packages.

I am developing a website - SASS - using the usual packages - html-autoclose, language-scss, indent-guide, etc.

I now have a very bad lag on any typing - up to 1-2 seconds, plus html error status remains for a long time after I have fixed them. NB: I can literally hear the system straining - the first time I have experienced this on this system.

I have tried disabling various packages to see what might be causing it - this appears to work but the response is still slow and unpredictable.

I have a fast Windows 8.1 PC (64bit) - i7-5500u (2.4Ghz), 8GB memory, so should not be an issue.

  • Looked at Atom processes - largest is 0.2% of memory and 154 mb of memory.

Any ideas? - other than removing all packages…


I realize this is an old conversation, but one obvious solution I can offer from personal experience is making sure you have a .gitignore that ignores your node_modules folder if you have dependencies (especially if you have a lot of them). If you don’t, it can cause considerable lag.