Typewriter scrolling mode


Is there an easy way to add “typewriter” scrolling to Atom? Useful when writing prose. The package BufferScroll does this (and many other things) in ST. But it’s also easy(ish) to do directly.


This is an old thread, but I haven’t found any newer mentions about it.

Is there a way to get typewriter scrolling in Atom?

I maintain the Typewriter package for Sublime Text so that should give you an idea of how attached I am to this feature :slight_smile:


Searching for “typewriter”, I found this:

Which is a much more thorough discussion, so I’ll be closing this topic in favor of the better one. Please continue the discussion there. We like to unify similar discussions under one topic so that people don’t have to read a bunch of different threads to get the whole story.

It also seems to imply that the zen package has vertical centering as a feature, though I haven’t double checked it.

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I contacted @leedohm to re-open this thread. I had come across the other thread he linked, but they’re talking about something else. The fact that a package is called “typewriter” had fooled me as well. But neither it, nor the “zen” package offer typewriter scrolling.

Typewriter scrolling is a mode in which the text editor keeps the view centered on the current line, when there is more than half a screenful of text.

To quote myself:

When writing prose, especially on first drafts, you treat the screen like a page: you start on the top left and work your way down and to the right. But screens, unlike pages, do not turn, so most of the time you end up looking at the bottom of your screen. The solution (or a solution) is to treat the screen like a typewriter, by centering the cursor. This keeps your sight focused on a single line so that you can focus on typing and let the editor worry about scrolling.

It is a common feature in “distraction-free” editors such as iA Writer, WriteRoom, and I think even Scrivener. It wasn’t available in Sublime Text by default, but it was pretty easy to put together a plugin, which I’ve been maintaining and improving over the years to improve selection with the mouse. (This feature is offered by other packages as well; I am obviously biased :slight_smile: )


So this would be an accurate description?

This is in the initial post that I linked to and given the title of the topic, one of the author’s main concerns. I agree the others didn’t get it though.


Nope. Your first instinct was spot on. I didn’t read the other thread carefully enough and, being unfamiliar with Atom, got muddled.

The Zen plugin provides typewriter scrolling. To enable it you must first toggle the Zen plugin and then go into the plugin’s settings to enable the “Typewriter” mode.

Sorry for the confusion. I hope the above offers a clear description of how to find this feature for future searchers.


It’s quite alright! I’d rather go back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth :laughing:) on something and get everyone the help they need than to stick to some formality. Thanks for being persistent!