Two-column text-flow for one document (i.e. not multi-pane)


Does Atom support a two-column text-flow for one document?

When I open a document, it only occupies about one third of my screen, due to automatic line-wraps (which helps a lot with reading - I don’t want to disable automatic line-wraps, because it would be very hard to read ~240 character lines) and there is a lot of empty space on my screen.

I would like something similar to a two-column page layout in a regular document editor (say LibreOffice Writer), where the same documents flows from the end of the first column into the second column on the same page. For my current task (which is similar to writing documentation) I don’t want/need to have multiple panes with contents from multiple documents, nor opening the same document in multiple panes.

This should work very well with automatic line-wraps, where the width of text is limited to e.g. one third, leaving another third for the second column and the last one for navigation (i.e. project / folder list and minimap).


Would love to see this as well… everyone has wide monitors now and it would be great to start utilizing that width to span more code that flows from left to right…


No, Atom doesn’t currently support this. Also, given all the challenges that soft wrap and related stuff has given us with just a single column, multiple columns are probably a ways down the road.