Twitter bot informing about new packages



I’ve created a twitter bot that tweets about new atom packages released. He’s still work in progress, not very stable nor tested, but does his job already. He’ll land on github soon.


He’s also connected to irc, I’m testing him on #atompackages @ freenode

RSS feed for new packages
Commit messages in package update notifications
Forum updates on Twitter

You probably want to specify a Twitter handle?

Also, the IRC channel is on Freenode.


Haha, thanks! I’ve updated my post.


thanks! could it also tweet about updates in packages, not only new releases? or would that make too much noise?


this is a great idea :slight_smile:


After last update twitter module should be much more stable. Also, I’ve forked the irc library it uses to fix few things, still waiting for the pull req to be accepted :smile:


Thanks for that! I’ve set up a simple Yahoo! pipe to transform the bot’s Twitter post into an RSS feed. It’s not perfect, Pipes is a bit wonky at times, but it works for me. :slight_smile:

Seriously, it’s a 5 min hackjob, so don’t expect the world. To me, it’s a great ROI, tho.