Tweaking with preinstalled themes


Hello. I generally work with txt and tex files and I prefer the color combination of one-light and one-dark themes, except for one modification that I want to make - the colour of the normal text. The colour of normal text is not contrasting enough and I want to change the color to black in light theme and to white in the case of dark-them.

I figured out a way to get this, but I am afraid its not simple. Currently, I have added the following code in my style.less

atom-text-editor.editor .syntax--meta.syntax--arguments,
.syntax--meta.syntax--property-value .syntax--keyword.syntax--control.syntax--html.syntax--custom.syntax--elements,
.syntax--markup.syntax--code .syntax--source,
.syntax--meta.syntax--arguments .syntax--meta.syntax--function .syntax--variable {
  color: #ffffff;

I got this snippet from someother theme’s language.less file. So, whenever I use light-theme, I manual change the value of color to #000000 in my style.less and revert it when I change the theme.

So, what is the simpler way to get this so that I need not do this laborious task whenever I change the themes.

Thanks for any help!


I tried another approach - modifying the current themes, and it worked :slight_smile:

Below is what I tried -

  1. I downloaded the one-dark and one-light themes source files.
  2. Modified each theme’s color.less to have the required colors
  3. And ran the command apm link for each theme

Now, I have basically local themes personalized. I should have thought of this before.

I did all these because I could not find files for pre-installed themes in .atom folder. So, are there no ways of changing the files for themes that come by default apart from what I have tried above?