Tutorial showing how to convert a simple web app to electron?


Is there a tutorial/book which shows to how to take an existing web app (single page, all browser javascript) and convert it to an electron app? For example, i’ve had to wrestle with tags vs require(…).

For some context, I’m not a professional web developer. I’m a server side guy (java/c++/python) so only know webdev at a high level.

For further context, I’d like to convert an app of mine, http://fixparser.targetcompid.com , into a desktop app. However, I would like the web app and the desktop app to share as much code as possible so I don’t have two code bases for very similar functionality.


Electron has solid documentation, and for a practical example, you can check out Wordpress Desktop, which is literally just the web app Calypso dropped into the desktop app code at run time.