Turtle in python


I’m new to Atom and i’ve got a problem with running turtle programs in python. I’ve installed all the basic packages, including stuff like or atom-python-run, script and turtle-atom but none of them seem to work, when i run the program it’s succesful but the turtle window doesn’t show up at all like in Idle, could you help me to solve this? i don’t really want to swap back to idle to run turtle codes cause i find atom easier to use.


Your current post might find an answer if you happen to run into someone who has run Turtle successfully in Atom. However, that is a niche library and not everyone has experience with it. However, if you make another post where you walk us, step-by-step, through a process that you believe should cause Turtle to run successfully (this means providing the necessary code, Atom packages, and pip install statements to turn blank Python and Atom installations [make sure to include the version of Python] into an exact replica of your environment, and also any error messages that you see), then someone who has used Python, but not Turtle, would be able to help you. And that second group is substantially larger, so I believe that you should do that.