Turn off the Dim screen setting when using the Go To Line command.?


I use a dark theme… And I’m trying to stop Atom from further darkening my document text every time I use the Go To Line command.

The basic problem I have with this is that I can’t see the line numbers once I start up the command, and ideally, since this is an issue of doc navigation… I’d prefer to be able to still see the all of the line numbers, and existing text while this command is active.

Maybe a little bit of dimming is alright, but just not as much as what I’m getting right now.

Does this behavior have a setting I can adjust, or is this one of the builtin punishments for using a dark theme. rather than a light one?


You can add something like the following to your styles.less:

atom-panel.modal:after {
    opacity: 0.5; /* default is 0.75 */

Since Atom is built upon Chrome, you can use the same developer tools to inspect elements of the editor.


What a Great Reply!!

Thank You Very Much @idleberg.

Yesterday was basically my first day of using Atom. and I had no real sense of how to tweak preferences and settings.

I followed along with one tutorial and learned how to download packages, and for lack of other things to try (because I’m so new)… I figure it would be good (/safe) to also mess around with themes, syntax highlighting, and fonts as I get my feet wet.

I think what you have showed me here, is GREAT!.. and I’ll hit the user guide now to learn a little more about things.

Anyhow, Thanks Again… you’ve offer a clear solution in your reply here, and I’d like to flag it as such… but I don’t seem to have the option to press a solutions button here.

… Not sure if its because of lack of adoption,… or due to the restrictions set upon new forum members.

Either way you deserve it.

Take Care, Jim


The forum software in use doesn’t generally have a Solved button available, and this isn’t strictly a Q&A forum to have one built for it. You should be able to edit the subject of the thread to mark it as solved, if you think that would help new users who might find this thread through the search feature.