Turing on Atom



My kid needs to build programs for class in an obscure language Turing. I’m doing my best to keep it all on our family mac. I’ve installed the Turing language package for Atom, as well as Atom-Runner. I’ve just installed the package for Platform-IDE-terminal.

He wrote a program on the school PC but needs to debug it at home - see it run before returning to class. Atom recognizes it as Turing, and the text is multicoloured. We can’t get it to run/execute within Atom Runner. I have read the config file needs configuring, but I am at a loss/over my head at this point. I also understood we might run it through the terminal, hence our installing the platform-ide-terminal package?

I have no problem using terminal, either on this mac or the ubuntu system, please help help!


How would you normally run the program?


Benjamin, Hello!

Normally, my son programs in a program called Turing. It’s a programming language for Windows PC, an .exe file. It has a bar across the top of a terminal/text edit looking panel, and once you type in code, it has a series of buttons across the top. One of them allows for it to “run” Like this:


Once you “run” the code, it allows opportunity to debug it, and continue to finesse the end result. The dilemma is we don’t have a PC at home, but he’s still interested in finishing the project in a timely manner, part of his graduating mark. I found that there’s a platform for Turing in Atom, but I seem to have hit an impasse.

I’ve even installed Xcode, as Apple and Atom both suggest, with no success.

Thanks for your help, Benjamin - Jason


As far as i can tell, Turing only has Windows support. The only way to run it would be on a Windows computer. I looked for websites that will run it, but could only find Turing machine simulators.

As for Turing support in Atom, syntax highlighting doesn’t need to run the language. Someone just wrote a bunch of rules about the grammar, and they get applied to the text. That’s why it works on any computer.

Installing Xcode, etc, will ony help if tools that do run the language need that. As I couldn’t see anything that actually runs Turing on a mac or on Linux, it won’t help.

I don’t know what your options are now. There are things like wine, which can (sort of) run Windows programs on mac and Linux. I’ve hardly used it, and the one time I did it was weird and buggy.

Alternatively, and this is something I’ve done myself, you can use Bootcamp to install Windows on your mac as well. This lets you load either macOS or Windows as your operating system, but the partition size is fixed. You’d need to decide how to split the staorage, based on what you currently have free, what you expect you’ll store on Windows, etc.

You’ll also need

  • An ISO of Windows 10 (from the Microsoft website; is free, the only difference between the free and paid versions is a watermark in the bottom right corner and the desktop image will reset every half hour or so),
  • A USB 2. I tried with a USB 3 on my 2013 model with no success. I believe some later models don’t even need the USB though.
  • To backup before you start. My computer “died” when I tried it the first time, and everything was wiped (at least, it was when I reinstalled macOS after things stopped working).
  • Time and patience. I had my share of difficulty (^ obviously). I can say it works now though, and the end result is better than an emulator could hope for.


Hmm, I tried to use PlayOnMac, a wine substitute for mac with the same dodgy results. Alright, thanks for the heads up Benjamin. That was very helpful :slight_smile: - Jason