Turbo-Javascript - end-line


Hi guys …

I’ve installed Turbo-Javascript package and I am trying to get the keybinding: turbo-javascript:end-line to work. It is bound to CTRL+; but it doesn’t work.

Anyone else seen this or is it just me having a problem?

Forgot to tell you, Im running atom on Xubuntu Linux from the ppa build v0.116.0

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In general for keymaps, you should try cmd+. on a mac, not sure it’s ubuntu binding. cmd+shift+p (command pallette for Key Binding Resolver:toggle)

Might be able to see what conflicts.


OK, I found it … just forgot to get back to you all.

As I’m using a swedish keyboard I found that if I use CTRL+ö (ö i placed at the same spot as ; on an english keybord) it works. Shouldn’t our shortcuts be mapped to the characters and not the actual keycodes?