Trying To install Atom on Windows 10 - Get nothing



So im trying to install Atom on my windows 10 machine, but after clicking the .exe file, i will see the windows cursor change to a little circle, to show loading, but then nothing happen, it wont open, I’ve downloaded Atom several time, but get the same issue.

Just a note that i tried installing on a windows 7 VM and it installed perfectly with no issue.

Any suggestion?


No specific idea, but for the record, I installed Atom on a couple of Windows 10 computers (native install & upgrade from Win7) without problem.

Maybe you can try and run the install with administrative privileges? Hoping it still install it in the current user dir.


Tried running as admin several time too, didnt work either


Running Atom on my windows 10 machine without any problems, check your windows’s errors, run as administrator.


Have you followed the instructions in the FAQ?


tried, still nothing