Trying to download site from server using remote-sync plugin


Mac OSX 10.11.4, Atom 1.7.2, Remote Sync 4.0.1

The goal is to download a folder from the remote server to my local project folder at first. After that I would like to upload the changes to the files (obviously).
I tried following the instructions as per the developer’s documentation page;

Things I did:

  1. I create a local folder on my mac in ~/Sites/mysite and made sure this folder is opened in Atom as a project folder.
  2. created .remote-sync.json file in that folder
  3. Configured the .remote-sync.json file for FTP use, tried connecting to the server: works.
  4. I rightclick on the project folder in the sidebar. In it’s contextual menu it says -> Remote Sync -> Download folder. This is what I suppose I need in order to pull the folder in the remote location.
  5. After I choose Download folder The bottom pane which lists all the server activities log says

[14:28:56] Downloading all files: /Volumes/Data/username/Sites/mysite
[14:28:56] Connecting:
[14:28:58] Downloaded all files: /Volumes/Data/username/Sites/mysite

Ok so it seems obvious that for some reason for the Remote Sync plugin, This downloading looks like it’s “downloading” from local to local. Somewhere in the configuration something needs to happen in order to tell the plugin I want to download from remote to local. But where…?

One other thing I noticed is that, from said documentation page, it is suggested that you fire up the command pallete and execute remote sync reload config. The thing is nothing happens when I do this. Moreover, after I hit command-P and I start typing Remote sync, this command is not an option.

Thanks in advance for your help


I had the same problem. I solved it by closing the root project folder from the tree view and opening it at the direct project folder (not the directory containing it).