Try to declutter my procjet pane

In my Project pane There are a number of (unrelated projects).
I’d like to de-clutter it.
Atom says “The root directory ‘Name of directory’ can’t be removed”

any suggestions please??

I use both project-manager and project-viewer panels.
You can flush your left projects panel and use project-viewer to load projects into a new project panel. In other words two tiers of control.
Finally I have package-list which allows control over all packages (to enable/disable on the fly).

[P.S.] If you are a Ubuntu user I can suggest ways of loading Atom project folders from an external file manager such as Krusader. This is a toolchain workflow.

Thanks - I’ll have a look at your suggestions.
I use Debian 10 Bullseye
Thanks again

I had a quick look and it seems that Krusader is available on Bullseye. In which case I would look at Krusader UserActions and create some custom actions to bind Krusader twin-panel to Atom.

Here is an example Krusader UserAction I created.

Identifier: Atom
Category: Krusader to Atom
Title: &Add folder/file/symlink to Atom tree-view
Tooltip: Add folder/file/symlink to Atom tree-view
Description: This useraction adds selected folder/file/symlink to Atom tree-view. Targetting a custom folder ($HOME/__LINKS) allows content from multiple project locations to be added to Atom Tree View. Right click on Atom Tree View entry to remove such entries. 
Command: atom -a %aCurrent%

Now if in Ubuntu I create a directory of symlinks in $HOME/__LINKS
I can load these these linked assets (the source) into Atom projects panel. You first select a project folder or file in Krusader. Then right click > User Actions > choose action from menu to apply UserAction to selected folder/file/symlink. This UserAction might also run a helper python script or other to pass information to Atom.

Basically Krusader becomes my project loader tool. Houston mission control.

I also have created other Krusader UserActions for Electron, VSCode.

This is a toolchain at work to complement Atom packages.

wow great thank you!