Trouble with TravisCI


Since some days now I have my travis builds that fails systematically for an unknown reason.

Some examples:

These two fails in spite of passing locally

And these two fails during the npm install because of oniguruma

What’s weird for the two first repo is that they doesn’t involve anything fancy, they are mostly based on how atom core packages are tested, that’s why I don’t understand what’s going on.

Anyone experienced the same things?


Are you testing them locally via the GUI or via apm test in the console? There have been some issues with the GUI not gaining focus, and that failing some Atom core specs. Maybe this is related somehow?

I always run specs via apm test by the way.


Yes, through the GUI, but I tried both locally and both passed, nothing wrong.


In that case, you’ll have to figure out how to get the specs to return the same results locally as they do in the CI environment, then work from there. Start with the “worst case” scenario. Things worth checking out is explicitly setting config values.


I finally got a grip on the problem.
One of the issue for the minimap was that the editor view didn’t have any line-height which it had before, as many computation are done with the line height as base many tests were failing, there’s still an issue though.
The other issue that was affecting both package is that it seems that the configDefaults object is not used to populate the config object after the package activation, resulting in undefined values in several places, for that one I had to force a set of the config for the package in a before hook.