Trouble with symbols like 1/2


While trying to save a .htm file with the 1/2 symbol in it, and viewing the file online, it just makes a crazy symbol where the 1/2 should be. However it works properly if I put the symbol there in ANY other editor.

charset for the page is iso-8859-1

Any idea why Atom can’t save/view 1/2 symbols? Even viewing it, it just shows a ? in Atom. Works in Notepad++, SublimeText, Dreamweaver, etc


By default atom is utf-8 not iso-8859-1, you can set encoding in botom rigth corner.


Ah, thanks! I wish autodetect would actually autodetect though, lol.


The fact most characters works properly but that special one is probably what put off auto-detect.

You can probably use the escaped symbol ½ to avoid encoding confusion.