Trouble with C++ compiling


Hi there! I installed atom on my Fedora 26 and I downloaded the patch for C++ compiler(gpp-compiler)and when I try to compile something it gives a error:

G++ could not be spawned

anyone here?


I would contact the creator of the package


That just means that Xterm isn’t installed. ENOENT stands for Error: No Entry. You should run yum install xterm.


I solved that but now I have another similar problem with g++


What’s the error?


g++ could not be spawned…
but I installed it. So what’s the reason?


g++ is not on the PATH variable possessed by Atom. If it’s on your global PATH variable, then you need to close and re-start Atom. If it’s not, then you need to add it to your global PATH.


How to done it?


What happens when you open the terminal and use g++ /run/media/johny/Homework.cpp?