Trouble using Live Server package (newbie)


I’m trying to follow a Javascript course.
Trying to use Live Server.

It’s hit and miss. 10% of the time OK - when I click ‘Start Server’ a new browser tab is opened, something like:

Other times, it does nothing at all.

What am I doing wrong?
When installing, there was only one ‘Live Server’ option - there were other packages, but none named just that.

In the videos, his menu in Atom loads of server addresses that he’s opened. I dont get this.

What am I doing wrong?



If you can tell us precisely what package the video-maker is using, then we might be able to help you try to figure out how to set it up.

What are you hoping to gain from this course?


@DamnedScholar thanks for the reply.
Gain from the course: learn Javascript. :slight_smile:

In his course he refers to ‘Atom Live Server’ package.
There’s only one package called atom-live-server - there’s nothing else with a similar name.
The URL’s look like this:

It seems so buggy - but then I could be doing something wrong?
I have to disable and then enable. Then when I hit start new server it works.

I can’t find any guide on usage anywhere.

Let me know what you think.



Okay, but what are you trying to do with atom-live-server? Most JavaScript applications these days either don’t need a server or have a server built in, and when I have wanted to make a server, I have used BrowserSync. I don’t know if I can help you get atom-live-server working, but if I know more about what you need, maybe I can offer advice about where else to look.


well… the exercise files have code that loads really slow. i make a change and refresh, it takes 10 seconds to load. there’s missing files or references or something.

atom-live-server - when it works, i can see updates as soon as i save.

thanks anyway. :slight_smile: