Trouble Installing Atom


Hello ! I’m having trouble installing Atom. I’ve searched the documentation and the closest I’ve seen is this link: Atom won’t open after install

I’m very new to programming, and my Mac OS was so old I couldn’t install Xcode. This morning I upgraded my Mac to 10.13.6 and am trying to install Atom 1.32.0. When I try to open Atom I just get an error message saying ‘The Application “Atom” can’t be opened.’ I deleted the app and reinstalled, get the same message. I checked around and it seemed that a complete uninstall of all directories named Atom is needed to reinstall, but since I’m pretty new I’m wary of deleting every folder named Atom… Most of the folders are in the RSS directory under Ruby… would this be the correct course of action? Sorry I’m so clueless!


Well for anyone circling back to this, it seems I figured it out. I had seen this thread (How to Completely Uninstall Atom for Mac?) and had tried the terminal command before when deleting / reinstalling, maybe I was doing it in the wrong order, but in any case I’m up and running now.