Trouble inserting quotation marks


I’m having some trouble to insert quotation marks.
I noticed that is because of my keyboard layout (I’m using US International layout), the key for 'also represents an acute accent.

For example, when I hit 'or " and after that hit the letter r, I get ""r". It inserts another quote before the letter, and when I delete the new quote, it erases the last quote too… so it’s pretty annoying.

When I change my keyboard layout to another one, like British, it works fine.


@DiogoAndre has uploaded an animated gif that illustrates this issue.

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Is there a way to mark threads as "resolved"?
Is there a way to mark threads as "resolved"?

+1 for this. I’m also using the U.S. International - PC on my mac, because it allows easy typing of characters like é à ë etc.

The quotation marks should only be closed when you ‘confirm’ it’s a quotation mark, which is " + <space> for some keyboard layouts. Right now this: " + <space>lemon pie creates: ""lemon pie.

When you decide to give in and stop using the space and type "ew you get "ëw"

Ew, indeed!


Also having this issue. For a while I thought it was solved, but I was just automatically hitting the :arrow_left: after the first quote, as a workaround.

Here’s a gif of what I’m seeing

ps: I tried to upload the file directly, but ‘new users’ cannot upload images :cry:


So… we don’t have a solution for this issue yet. It’s been pretty annoying to type words in languages that use acute accent (like portuguese, french, etc) in a International keyboard layout.



Same problem here.

U.S. International - PC keyboard layout.


Very annoying indeed. Is that auto pairing quotes feature part of one of the open packages, or is it from the Atom core ?


Same problem here.
U.S. International - PC keyboard layout + Mavericks

Any news?


No replies so far.
I decided to stick with Sublime unless atom solves this issue.



Same problem here. I uninstalled all third-party packages, but the problem still happens.


Yeah, it looks like a native issue.
I hope Atom fixes it soon.

And please, like the OP post so we can get more attention from Atom! :wink:


I’ve been having trouble using a keymap to bind to “alt-n”, and I think it’s related. I don’t use an international keyboard layout (using plain old U.S.), but on Mac OS X, option-n makes this ˜ so you can type, for example, ñ.

Is there some workaround to disable this sort of thing by changing Mac keyboard settings? I actually don’t use or want the international characters, but it still causes me problems and preventing me from using Atom.


Just to move this topic up and to make it clear that this is not a bracket-matcher issue: with US International keyboard layout, quotes currently don’t work in vim-mode also. (The reason why this is relevant is that bracket-matcher uses a strange way to listen to keys, while vim-mode correctly uses keymaps.


It looks like the issue will be solved at 0.81!

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