Treeview won't show large files


I am not talking about trying to open a large file. The treeview won’t even open and show a folder containing a gigabyte file. Other small files in that folder also don’t show. The folder appears to be empty.

I am working on a large-file package that shows gigantic files in read-only mode. I have a 1.1 GB test log file. The file shows fine if you open it using the file menu.

My package can still be used because I’m providing my own picker that can open any file on the system.

The treeview must be looking at the file size and choking. This is a bug.


Can you file a bug on the tree-view package and link it back here?


Ignore this thread. I was wrong. I happened to put the big file in a folder that had only *.log files at the same time I added *.log to gitignore. I jumped to conclusions.

This isn’t the first time that not showing git-ignored files in the treeview confused me.


Yeah, I used to not show gitignored files in the tree view. I got bit by it a couple times and now I show them :grinning: