Treeview positioning (Project Folder & FTP)


Hi, the project folder treeview and FTP treeview are placed side by side.

I would like to place the project folder treeview on the left of mywork pane while I have the FTP treeview on the right of the work pane.

I tried using toggle treeview but it only changes the position of both the treeviews relative to each other.

What can I do?


Which package are you using for FTP?




The package in question does not provide an option for changing which side of Atom it’s on. You could submit a feature request at the package repo or even get your hands dirty and tweak it yourself.


Can you suggest an FTP package that has that option?


I cannot. remote-edit opens a modal panel on the top like the Command Palette and atom-commander (my preference) opens a panel on the bottom.