Tree view on the right side

I need to make the tree-view on the right side. From the source code it has these lines:

getPreferredLocation: ->
    if atom.config.get('tree-view.showOnRightSide')

I don’t need to edit the core.

So, in config.cson file I set this:

    showOnRightSide: true

It does nothing, even after removing the browser cache.

Looks like it should be defining getDefaultLocation instead.

You should just be able to drag the view itself over to the right hand side dock. It looks like it will remember this until you clear window state maybe?

Yes, But I want to make it on the right side by default at first run instead or remembering its state.

It does go to the right on first run (when you open Atom), you just need to move it where you want it to be the very first time. And it’s got to be somewhere before moving it the very first time.