Tree-View missing in Ubuntu installation


Hi All,

I just installed Atom on my Ubuntu Desktop and first thing I noticed is that tree-view can’t be opened. I checked the package tree-view is installed and ‘cmd+’ is shortcut to toggle it. But it doesn’t shows up even if I try to toggle form ‘View’ menu.

To install Atom, I downloaded the deb files from Atom website. The version is 0.141.

Could you please help me accessing the tree-view?




Did you open Atom from the command line?


@leedohm: No. I opened it from the menu.



If you open it from the menu, it doesn’t have a current directory to work from … so no Tree View is displayed until you open a folder.


@leedohm: Thanks. I can see tree view now. I have one more question and it might be too basic but will save me a lot of time if you could help me. How do I add an existing local git repository to Atom?



There isn’t really an operation to “add” a repo to Atom. If you open Atom from the root of a Git repo, it automatically detects and uses it for certain things like displaying file modified status.


@Leedohm: Thanks. I am being able to use atom now. For git support I am using the package “atomatigit” package.