Tree view is broken, please help!


I have been using Atom for a while now. However recently, the tree view no longer appears on startup whenever I open files such as txt and json. Toggling the tree view allows it to appear but I do not see the folder’s contents in it. When opening Atom from the desktop shortcut, it ends up as a blank screen and shows that it is unable to locate the destination of the file I recently opened.

Yes, the tree view works fine again when I reopen the file through the “Open Folder” option. However it used to function just fine before whenever I open the .txt or .json files WITHOUT having to launch Atom from the desktop shortcut.

Here is a screenshot of how the app looks like when opening a file:

Please help, thanks!



This change was intentional in Atom 1.36, so that Atom wouldn’t automatically populate the project folders when only a file had been opened. Based on your feedback and others’ experiences, I feel like the devs would be wise to consider a config setting to toggle this behavior.




Thank you for replying!



We’re looking into solutions for this, yes. See for an ongoing discussion.