Tree-view highlighting directory orange when on clean working directory


Im in my master branch and it is in state ‘Nothing to commit, Working directory clean’ but tree-view is still showing a dir highlighted orange as if it were modified.

Why would this be? How can I fix it.



There is sometimes a delay between when the change happens on the file system and when it is reflected in the Tree View. I have found that swapping to another app and then back forces an update.


So I tried that. I even tried closing the app, deleting the repo, re-cloning the repo and it still has the same folder highlighted orange, with no changes.


Can you supply the following?

  1. Which version of Atom are you using?
  2. Can you reproduce the problem when running Atom using atom --safe?
  3. What OS and version are you on?


Version: 0.106.0

Issue is still present using: atom --safe

OS: OS X 10.9.3 (13D65)


The one last thing I can think of is to try this:

  1. Close Atom
  2. Rename the directory ~/.atom/storage to ~/.atom/storage-backup
  3. Launch Atom again

It could be that some of the state of the window is wedged. We want to save that broken state so that if this does solve the issue, we can send the wedged state to the Atom team for them to use to diagnose.


I found the issue and was able to replicate.

I also opened a bug for tree-view here with the steps to replicate: