Tree view - close and open different directories?


I’m having problems with the tree view. First, this might sound stupid, but I can’t find a way to close (respectively hide) it (except for disabling the package entirely). Can’t find an option or Shortcut to do this? Am I just stupid? °ω°

Also, the tree view shows my desktop as base directory - how can I change this to e.g. another harddrive or another subfolder?


On a Mac, cmd-\. On Windows, I guess it is ctrl-\.


Oops, forgot to mention that I’m using the QWERTZ (German) keyboard layout, on which the backslash is triggered by SHIFT + ß. So I tried pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ß, but this doesn’t work :confused:

Edit: Nevermind, I just added a custom keybinding for that. Anyone know how to change the root directory of the tree directory from the desktop to someplace else?


ctrl-shift-P then look for the command “Tree View: Toggle”. That will also tell you about another binding (cmd-K cmd-B on a Mac).