Tree speed issue with shared folders


It looks like this is a know issue, and looking at the notes, would appears to be Atom scanning all files for GIT status. We are currently not using GIT on any of the files we’re editting.

It appears there isn’t a way of switching this scan feature off … which is a surprise, other than Atom wanting all to use GIT for all files.

Do you have any plans to allow this to be switched off ?

Other than this speed issue I think Atom is excellent.

Many thanks
Wayne Rogers


Thanks for the feedback! Atom is designed with Git interoperation in mind and adding an option to disable that across the board isn’t something that we’re going to be working on anytime soon. However, there are cases where Atom won’t recognize that a directory contains a Git repository. You may want to use one of the configurations described in the linked issue to your advantage.


Hi Andrea

Many thanks for replying so quickly …

I’ve checked and I don;t appear to have any .git folders in any of the folders being reviewed. It looks like these suggestions revolve around removing that folder, so it doesn’t do any GIT stuff.

Maybe the speed issue is not caused by the GIT scanning ??

The most obvious place demo this, is close a folder in Atom (which is fast) then open it which is very slow (hangs), and comes up with the Do you want to Wait question, before finishing.

Have I missed anything else in the suggestions ?

many thanks