Tree focus not moving to highlighted file


Hi all. The focus bar in treeview stays at root directory when other files are selected. This is a problem for me as I am using the open-terminal-here plugin. Works as expected with right click select, yet keybord shortcut only opens root dir as focus does not move with highlighted file. My qurstion is how to move focus with highlighted file in tree? Thank you gor your time.


The selected file changes based on which file you select whether you click in the Tree View with the mouse or if you open a file using other means. It is true that the Tree View itself retains focus no matter where you click in the Tree View, but the selected item or items does update. I’m not sure what “keyboard shortcut” you’re referring to … could it be there is a bug in the package you’re using?


Thank you for reply. The plugin shortcut just calls ‘open-terminal-here:open’ from it’s linux.cson file. But “here” is where the focus bar is at the root directory, yet right clicking and selecting to open a terminal with the popup works as expected. Which leads me to believe that atom focus changes temporarily when rightclicking on file yet stays at the most recent parent folder otherwise. Is there a tweak to make the focused folder in tree be the highlighted folder? Thank you :slight_smile:


There are two concepts at work here “focus” and “selection”. When the focus is on the Tree View, zero or more items within the Tree View are selected. (Items can also be in the selected state when the Tree View doesn’t have focus.) You can select items within the Tree View by left-clicking on them. Items within the Tree View don’t get focused … they get selected. If the package you’re using isn’t checking to see which item is selected when it is executed, then that is a bug with that package that should be addressed by that package, not by the Tree View.


Thank you for the explanation, I will contact the plugin dev. Peace.