Transpose is changing letters, not selections


What I liked using in Sublime Text was the option of transposing selections with CTRL + T, just switching them out. Atom seems to transpose all the selected letters though. Here’s an example:

^ So instead of switching White with Black, I get garbled text that only the Illuminati can use. I would think this is not intended?! :blush:



please bring Atom’s Transpose up to snuff w/Sublime’s Transpose function

transpose with Sublime is extremely context sensitive, it recognizes both line & string selections across single and multiple selections.

single selection of multiple characters – reverses the string of characters
single selection of multiple lines – reverses only the order of the lines
two selections of lines or characters – swaps the selections
three+ selections lines or characters – rotates the selections


Hi, I create a plugin for Atom, called atom-transpose, it will solve your problem


Thank you so much, checking it out now!