Transparent Windows


Hey all!

Is it at all possible right now to generate a window with a transparent background instead of a color or image?

I am running Arch Linux + OpenBox + LXDE, and I’m trying to replace that with a HTML/CSS/JavaScript reimplementation. It could be potentially very cool! Imagine having 3d cube desktop effects and the ability to “Open Link on Desktop” > “4”. And the other day I had the thought of giving the “omnibar” more to its name by allowing it not only to search and navigate URLS, but to run shell commands as well! It could change everything!

The DOMTop, as I’m calling it, (or it could be nodetop, webtop, omnitop,) which will include a powerful javascript framework and library is just one of the four central tenets to a new Linux distribution I’m planning on configuring. The other tenets are either completed or in the works.

For the initial prototype, I looked at tweaking other browsers with command line access/etc, then node-webkit, and from the details I’ve read I get the sense that electron may be better implemented. At least, that’s how I interpreted it.

So, for rebuilding the panel, I need to be able to have some elements, like menus, layered above all other windows. I love the idea of having a contextMenu and window API, so either would work for now, but preferrably a pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript solution to keep that thread going throughout.

I am considering a window that is pre-loaded once with the menu and has a transparent background. Then all I would have to be able to do is manipulate it from minimized/maximized on mouseover/mouseout and the window manager will take care of hiding it.

I don’t know even if that’s the best way to do it, in terms of overhead, but otherwise might leave me with only being able to use boxes or the contextMenu interface. The only other browser I know that does transparency is elinks!

I would appreciate any feedback or alternative approaches!
Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: