Translation documentation



I like use Atom ! I think is a powerful tools !
But i want to implement it for usage in my language ! I find a package to add the menu on my language but not the documentation.
I thinks it can be an good idea to let progress the product by creating a place where student or user can translate the documentation in there native language.
Do you think is an modification possible ?
Perhaps there already an subject about on github.


Thanks for the suggestion - there’s no plans to work on translations for the Flight Manual at the moment as far as I know. The last comment I saw about this was from Lee here:


Thanks for the information ! rsese !
I use to make translation.
I think create a repository so people who want to take part in the support of the IDE Atom will be on capacity to deal with it !


I try to but like i’m not enought active to can do it and i have a lot of thing to do.