Transitioning From Sublime / Textmate: Keyboard Shortcut ctrl + shift + w


I was a long time user of Sublime Text / Textmate and am really excited about transitioning to Atom for a number of reasons. In my short use of the editor — just a few hours — I had trouble writing html. I’ve become really accustomed to writing html with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+w like so:

I see there’s emmet package. Is this the only option people use? Is there something native I’m missing? I’m happy to retrain my fingers, but also interested to know what are popular paradigms for writing fast html from this community.

I’m wholly unfamiliar with writing my keybinding functionality, but if I were to go about doing that would I make a snippet? Or is this type of functionality called something else?


This is a common request and there are a number of packages that provide this functionality. (Including the built-in bracket-matcher package … though the functionality isn’t quite as nice.)

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