Transfer sublimetext 3 keybindings to atom?

Is there a way to transfer sublimetext 3 keybindings to atom? I am having difficulty adjusting to some of the ways atom handles things and I know it can be done; I just don’t know enough about how to do it. Any suggestions or pointing me in the general direction would be very much appreciated.

I finally have atom looking the way I want it to. Now I just need it to operate the way I want and I’m “all-in”

Thank you for any assistance - taking the time to help is appreciated.

If you tell us what those keybindings are, we can tell you what to put in keymap.cson.

I honestly don’t know, that’s why I asked the general question of transferring all keybindings from textmate to atom - thought it might be easier and I wouldn’t be viewed as an idiot.

When I open a document in atom, it appears to want to use the enter key for autocompletion of tags when I have become used to the tab key in sublimetext. The other thing is, when I hit tab (in sublimetext) to autocomplete the tag, it places the cursor at the end of the tag (see screenshot below).

Then, I can hit tab again and it’ll place the cursor outside the tag. So, the above screenshot would then look like this:

  <div class="container">|

extremely useful and convenient. I’ve just become very used to that and can’t seem to figure out how to do with atom. Because I’m a newbie, I can only post one screenshot per post it would appear, hence the reason I simply typed out the code representation.

Again, thank you for taking the time to look to assist me. It is appreciated.

Are you perhaps asking about snippets?

Keybindings generally refer to things like ctrl-s to save.

It’s very possible, but I’m honestly not certain. When I think of a snippet, I usually think of it in terms of a chunk of code when I use a certain key combination. In this case, I’m looking for things in terms of behavior. When I hit tab, I expect this behavior. So, it’s possible I’m entirely confused as to what atom refers to the key action behavior.

You can use either, and you can configure the behavior in the autocomplete-plus settings or override it completely with keybindings.

The other thing is, when I hit tab (in sublimetext) to autocomplete the tag, it places the cursor at the end of the tag (see screenshot below).

This matches Atom’s snippets behavior, which is why it was brought up. The landing spot when you press tab is referred to as a “tab stop”. You’re right that snippets are for pre-written segments of code and don’t support dynamic completions. That’s what autocomplete-plus is for, but it’s very hands-off about what actually happens once the suggestion is selected. I feel like an autocomplete package would be able to achieve what you want, but it would have to be designed that way and I don’t know that the feature you’re seeking is present in autocomplete-html.

I have a different solution that would require you to expand your horizons and learn a new thing, but if you’re game for the challenge it can drastically improve your speed and efficiency at writing HTML. emmet is an Atom package that has sister packages across many major code editors (including SublimeText). It allows you to take a very brief shorthand and expand it into an entire HTML document. For instance, I could create your file using this line:


It becomes really useful if you want to do something like li*16>a>img+span, which will give you sixteen list items set up to receive URLs, that you can then tab through so that you don’t even have to touch the mouse.

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Thank you for taking the time to attempt to help me. I do appreciate it. I created a simple, short video trying to better explain what I’m trying to accomplish. As a side note, I’m familiar with emmet - love it :slight_smile:

Note, in the video, the ability to jump or skip to the end is all done by me simply hitting the tab key. Finishing autocomplete is also done by the tab key. Is there a way to have atom exhibit the same behavior?

See video here: Make atom work like sublime text 3

The end of the snippet? Atom snippets support tab stops (seen as $n in the snippet source), and most / all snippets have one at the end. Autocomplete can also be accepted with tab. I recommend though that you go to Settings -> Packages -> autocomplete-plus and set the confirmation keymap to just tab, instead of enter as well.