Transfer ownership of an apm package

Hey, I have a package that I have published on apm. Its quite popular (has >50k downloads and probably quite a few active users going by how many issues I get on github). I’d like to change my github username and transfer my atom package to my new username. How should I go about this so I can still publish version updates and people using my package won’t be effected?

If I just change my name on github the package is still associated with my old username and so I don’t see it when I log into the atom website and presumably my token won’t work. Fortunately I can change my username back on github and it all works well.

I thought about unpublishing the package and republishing on my new account, but I assume that means that my current users will not get new version updates as it’s now technically a different package? Also if I could keep my download number on the package that would be a plus (looks good in job interviews haha)

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@andrew5615 - can you email us at with these details but include your GitHub username and the specific package you’re talking about?