Tracking more than one git repositories in a folder


Hello. I am opening a folder that contains more than one git repos. Previously I used to open git repo folder(containing .git/ of course) and git diff showed me added, edited or deleted lines. How can I see git diff for many repositories in one folder? Thnx in advance :slight_smile:


There isn’t a method for doing that by opening the parent folder. See:

But, you can have more than one root-level folder and things will work fine. For example, let’s say I have a directory ~/Source that has all of my Git repositories in it. And for this project I need to work with ~/Source/foo-bar and ~/Source/foo-baz. I could open Atom with the command atom ~/Source/foo-bar ~/Source/foo-baz. When Atom opens, it would have two “project roots”, one for each Git repository where all of the Git features you’re looking for would work.