Touch Bar support


Looking for ideas of what make available in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar for Atom.

There’s a lot of people asking this, like this issue:

and a lot of discussions using electron + Touch bar.

And would be great to have the support, there’s a lot of productivity usage for Atom.

Anybody else working on this enhancement?



Is there any update on this?
I really look forward to see Atom support on my touch bar :slight_smile:


No, there is no update. As stated in the issue linked above, touch bar support has only reached Beta in Electron. It would need to reach stable Electron and then Atom would need to integrate that stable version of Electron before support would even be possible. It is going to be quite some time before all of that happens.


I’m happy to say that Touch Bar support has landed in touch-bar v1.1.2:

It took a bit of time for the Electron’s TouchBar implementation to reach Atom’s mainline but it’s here :slight_smile:

If you have any comments please let us know!


Is there an option to hide the toolbar on the screen when the icons are displayed on a touchbar?


I was considering it but:

a) Electron doesn’t seem to provide a reliable way to determine if TouchBar is supported
b) With the limitation of 7 buttons this would hide the non visible ones

It’s good to hear that this feature might be requested by others so we can think of a good way of solving the issues above.


If your computer is equipped with a TouchBar (only Apple MacBook Pro series currently) it can display up to seven tool bar buttons there.

I don’t have a laptop, but I’m using Touch Bar Simulator:

I was wondering if it’s possible to display chevrons (like in the screenshot above, next to the brightness control) that allow you to switch to the next/previous toolbar buttons.


Building on @idleberg’s line of questioning, I believe that it would be a good enhancement for all tool-bar views to have pagination buttons if there are too many buttons to fit in the viewport in question (touch bar or window). tool-bar currently doesn’t do well with small screens if there are a large number of buttons, because at some point having overflow get pushed into the next row will crowd out other elements of the page. This isn’t a high-priority issue because it only affects people using reduced window size with a lot of buttons, but it’s definitely an issue that I could see myself dealing with in the future (I use Atom at half screen sometimes and like to have tool-bar buttons for my process-palette commands).

My suggestion: have a config setting that enables pagination buttons and disables the current flow behavior, and keep the default behavior the same. It’s also possible to have a separate setting for TouchBar users, since some of them might want the flat seven while having pagination on the sides, and then that could perhaps be on by default.


@idleberg Unfortunately that’s not possible. Those are the allowed controls and there’s no API in Electron to create custom views :frowning: We could do it with buttons but their width can’t be controlled well and it would lose the convenient nature of the touch bar. IMO it would be better to be able to pick which seven buttons you see there.

@DamnedScholar there was some discussion and work done on this subject but the work ran out of steam. If you’d like to contribute it would be awesome! :slight_smile: