Topic necro policy


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In case other people haven’t heard the term before, from the Urban Dictionary:

necro (verb) to comment on an internet thread long after the conversation has concluded

We try to keep one canonical topic per idea by closing duplicates (after linking to the original, of course) so that people don’t feel like they have to read five topics to get the whole conversation. Because of this, we don’t mind people bringing back old topics … so long as they’ve got something new to say. And, to be clear, your reply definitely falls into the “something new” category.

Conversely, “bumping” a topic or “+1 for attention” is discouraged. The vast majority of the time, if people had something to say about a topic … they would have said it. Getting people to share their ideas is not the issue here :wink:


It’s worth noting too, that if people want to bring attention to an old outstanding issue, suspecting it might have been forgotten, they can do so on the repository. I think over there, such reminders are often appreciated, as there the squeeky wheel rule tends to be employed where possible.