Toolbar package with plugins/extensions support


I was in need of a toolbar for one of packages I’m working on, so I created:

It’s more of meta package as it doesn’t add any buttons by its own. There’s and API for adding buttons/spacers so if anyone implements it into their package, let me know :smile:

Announce: Command-Toolbar

You didn’t mention your other new package toolbar-main. It deserves attention. I have a feature suggestion, or maybe a new package suggestion.

I have had on my to-do list a package that provides a toolbar with arbitrary commands A button can be added for any command found in the command palette. There would be a problem of what icon to show so I was thinking of abandoning icons for this and just giving a button with a short label they provide. So I could make Clear Bookmarks clrBkm, etc. You could also choose a color for each button to set them into groups. I know it would be ugly but extremely useful.

For extra credit it could watch your command palette usage and when you go to set up the buttons it would show the most used ones first. If you aren’t interested I will use your toolbar package to start making my own package.

There is a serious problem with number of keybindings overload. This could go a long way to solving it.


Yeah I wrote toolbar-main after I started this topic.

What you’re proposing is similar to custom toolbar request. Setting an icon is easy as you just provide name and icon set. Setting color doesn’t seem like a good idea as Atom’s UI is rather monochrome. It would still require additional settings view (I don’t think it’s possible using config UI).

Feel free create such package. I can always commit to yours :slight_smile:


That’s a nice package, I think I’ll have a use for that in a near futur :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ve updated it with Font Awesome and ability to enable/disable buttons.

If you have any suggestions, let me know!


I have a slightly different meaning in mind when I say customizable. I would want to add commands on a whim and try them out in the bar. If I had to spend more than 10 seconds adding it then it wouldn’t work for me. I am constantly adding, removing, and rearranging apps on my windows taskbar. Of course they all have icons.

In any case, this is definitely on my to-do list.

Yes, in order to pull this off it would need a simple list of all commands to choose from, drag and drop rearrange, and easy delete (drag them off bar?).

I don’t see these ideas as competing. You have a ready-to-use pretty bar. Hiding and possibly rearranging is all one would want from your bar.


Here is my ugly version …