Toolbar icons missing on several toolbars

I have installed a couple of different toolbars and they pretty much all have icons missing. My goal is to edit them and use a value for “icon: <>”. How do I go about seeing what values are available for that setting?

Also, sometimes I notice that if I make a change to a toolbar entry’s ‘Tooltip’ value and do a CTRL-S to save, it updates automatically, but other times, I have to restart Atom for the changes to take place. Why the difference?

Thanks for the help!

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I remember the developers of the main tool-bar package unknowingly incorporated some breaking changes through at least two icon font updates (Font Awesome and Ionicons). This was not reflected in the versions of the package, i.e. as a major release.

More specifically, Ionicons has have prefixes (ios- for iOS and md- for Android) and several icons have been renamed. Font Awesome introduced a change of class-names in version 5. Icons previously prefixed with fa- now use several versions:

  • far- for regular
  • fas- for solid
  • fab- for brand icons
  • several others Pro icons

If a third-party package consumes services provided by tool-bar, it will be affected by those changes. In that case, you should address the respective authors.

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