Toogle dev tools shortcut lately inserts ı


The command to toggle dev tools cmd-shift-i, that I’ve been using alla along suddenly ALSO inserts a small character ı. Really frustrating when developing a package. This is local to Atom - doesn’t happen in any other text edit app so it has to be something changed in Atom.

I’m on Mac with 1.2.4.


Have you tried starting Atom in safe mode? Use atom --safe after closing all windows.


Same behaviour:


It’s fixed in the latest master. I’m not sure if it is in the Beta channel yet.


Yep, was searching the PR


So this is still happening for me in 1.3.1. Pretty damn annoying. Shouldn’t this fix that is in master be released?


Still broken in 1.3.3. Pretty please fix? It’s suuuper annoying to not be able to toggle dev tools without entering “ı” in my buffer all the time.


It is fixed. It just hasn’t made its way out to the Stable channel yet.


Ok, cool. trying beta.