Too much autocomplete suggestions


I am on the way switching to Atom (from VS Code) and most things are familiar.

One thing I couldn’t find a solution, but really annoys me: Atom has tons of autocomplete suggestions and about 95 % are not helpful at all.

  1. I get suggestions for every single word I type. But I don’t need suggestions within my strings
  2. Even complete nonsense, for example: <?php strpos($be … I get HTML block quote as a suggestion?
  3. It is related to 2, but why is Atom not limiting suggestions to the language to the context?


What snippets packages do you have installed?

You will need to provide a screenshot with details like the exact text and the active grammar, as well as the list of packages you have installed. From that information, it’s possible to determine which scopes are present at the cursor and identify a specific package or snippet that are being intrusive.


Thanks! I found one pice of the puzzle (it was an autocomplete package I don’t know).
However, here is another ![image|689x242](upload://78

Context menu on the left appears before typing anything and on the right … what is Schuster and why is Atom suggesting PHP_CodeSniffer within HTML? These are just some examples.

Active grammar is a PHP file (template file for CMS with HTML code).Here is a list of packages. Hope this helps, I don’t know where to copy a txt list.


(Could only post one image in my posting above)


Those suggestions could be from a file you have open?

Nothing on your package list jumps out at me. :confused:

Does this happen in other languages, or just PHP?