Too many indent guides with hanging indents


When you use a hanging indent like the following:

41 PM

atom draws many indent lines, which is visually distracting. Functionally, there is not really an indent going on here (I.e., there is no new scope). Would it somehow be possible to hide these, or at least collapse them into one?

A reasonable heuristic here might be to collapse multiple successive indent guides into one, if there’s no content at the other indent guides.


With which program language (grammar) did you see this?
How can I try to replicate what you are suggesting demonstrating?


Just type that directly into Atom and it should reproduce (indent width should be 2).


Thank you.

The start of the problem is the adding of spaces to get “hanging indent”, am I right?

Driving the assumptions further:
The standard Atom would not be aware that a function is being coded.
Possibly this could be handled by the IDE functionality… but only if it automatically gives this hanging indent.

Am I missing something?