Too many changes


I wanted to start working with atom and get accustomed to the github workflow.
The github panel on atom says:
“Too many changes. The repository at //…/ has too many changed files to display in Atom. Ensure you have set up an appropriate .gitignore file.”

I starte to learn github a few days ago, so I have some repositories on my computer. The most contains .gitignore files.

Could anyone give me some hints of what to do, to make use of atom? I don’t know how I should prepare my existing files, so that atom works.

Best and thank you.


Please provide a screenshot of Atom with the troublesome folder and the Git tab open.


My guess is that you (unintentionally) have a git repository initialized in a parent directory of your project. We detect and skip repositories in your home directory or the filesystem root, but it’s possible that yours is in a different place.

Search up the parent directories and look for a folder called .git within any of the parents. If you find one and don’t intend for it to be tracked by git, try renaming it to something like .gitbak and try again.


This is it:


Why do you have a git repo in your user folder? Is that on purpose? If not, you should delete it (for Mac and Linux, just rm -r ~/.git). If it is on purpose, you should add any folders you don’t want to track to .gitignore.

Atom refuses to handle situations like that because, when users like yourself had a repo that’s over tens or hundreds of thousands of files that weren’t being ignored, Atom would try to look at them all, take up a huge amount of resources, and crash.


DamnedScholar I just started trying to use Git and GitHub and after launching Atom, it says same thing for me as Sven72. As far as your last reply to him, is there a best practice as to where programmers put their Repo? Sorry for my ignorance but just starting out trying to teach myself programming for midlife career change after years of Construction. I want to try practice collaborating with some other self taught programmers on a project. Do i use Repo stored on GitHub or Root Repo stored on my local pc or both GitHub and Local? Thanks in advance!


You will potentially have many repositories that should be stored in a folder on the same part of your computer as your other personal documents. It doesn’t matter where, as long as there’s nothing inside the repository that isn’t supposed to be a part of it, like the contents of your user folder.

Do i use Repo stored on GitHub or Root Repo stored on my local pc or both GitHub and Local?

What do you mean by “Root Repo”? A repo on your computer is a local repo, and one that isn’t is a remote. You will have a remote almost every time (it’s necessary if you want to push and pull), and GitHub is one of the easiest sites to use for hosting your remotes (there are others, including BitBucket and GitLab). Unless you set up the repo locally, Atom has no means of interacting with it, since Atom only cares what’s on your computer.