Toggling Smart Quotes


Is there a way to prevent Atom from converting the " character to a smart quote (i.e., “ or ”)?


In what context? I didn’t know it did that except perhaps in the Markdown Preview?


Hi, leedohm.

Actually, I’m writing HTML and Sass. Following are two screenshots:


Sass Code


Can you replicate this when you launch Atom with atom --safe? I just tried typing in some of what you have there for HTML and I didn’t get the same result:


Yes—identical result:


I don’t know what could be causing that. The Bracket Matcher package will complete smart quotes, but my understanding is that you need to type one to get it to add the other one. And those don’t look like matched pairs, those appear to be all right double-quotes.

Not sure what could be causing that :worried:


By the way … what font is that you’re using?


It looks like Inconsolata, which has a double quote that looks like a smart quote:


Hi again, leedohm.

In researching the issue before my post, I learned about the Bracket Matcher package functionality to which you refer—so I didn’t think that was the culprit in this issue. And, you’re right, the quotes all appear to be right double-quotes.

As for the font, postcasio is correct, it’s Inconsolata (Good eye, postcasio!); however, it’s the one offered by Google Fonts. It was my understanding that Inconsolata is one of Atom’s default fonts. Coincidentally, when you scroll to the bottom of that post, markjaquith proposes a modified version of Inconsolata, Inconsolata-dz to remedy the issue.

Thanks again for your help!