Toggle window shortcut doesn't work (CMD+`)

Hi! Last week the shortcut for toggle windows in macos (cmd + `) stop working for Atom, it’s weird because in other apps works just fine. I’ve tried all I can find online: Checked keymap.cson (is empty and I don’t really know what to add to make it work this way), Keybinding Resolver is not showing anything for cmd + `, running Atom in safe mode doesn’t solved anything and I tried deleting Atom and installing again from scratch but nothing changes. Anybody could help me with this or point me to the right direction?

I’m on macOS 10.14.6 (updated recently, maybe is an issue with this version?) and I have the latest version of Atom (1.40.1)

For as long as I can remember, Cmd+ does increase the font size. Are you sure didn’t have a custom keybinding or a package installed for that?

I think they mean command and backtick.

sorry, I mean cmd ` (I wrote it without tags, that’s why my text shows in red)

I just tried it on a mac; the shortcut worked. There was a delay when I first opened Atom before it started working, which I’m not sure about, but it should be fine.

Tried again and wait but is still not working. Usually I have two or more projects open and this is annoying me, I don’t know what could cause this :confused:

You can check the keybinding resolver (cmd-.) to see if it is being picked up by Atom. But trying it on Linux just now only picked up the alt, and I think the whole shortcut is on OS level thing.

It shows both keys pressed, but is not attached to any action. The first time I used keybinding resolver (before the reinstall) it only showed cmd, so maybe that’s “something” but still nothing is happening.

I would’t mind to add a keymap code to make this work, but I don’t really know what function is the appropiate.

It shows both keys pressed

Odd. (back on mac now) I only see cmd pressed, as it seems the OS is capturing the whole cmd-` shortcut.

What keyboard layout are you using @eresunexperimento? Do you remember the last version of Atom where this wasn’t a problem for you?

Odd. (back on mac now) I only see cmd pressed, as it seems the OS is capturing the whole cmd-` shortcut.

I see the same on macOS 10.14.6 with 1.40.1.

Is a Spanish Layout. I don’t remember exact version of Atom, but maybe the problem started with the last update (I have automatic updates on). Right now I’m using the same version as you (macOs 10.14.6 and Atom 1.40.1 x64). Still seeing cmd` when I check on Keybinding Resolver.

Ahh ok - was wondering if it could have possibly been related to but that’s a different keyboard layout and different Atom version where the issue started.

Curious if you see any difference with the current Atom beta? That’s running a newer version of Electron than so I wonder if that makes a difference?

I’ve just tried with Beta version and is the same, nothing’s happening :confused:

Thanks for trying :+1: If you have time to test, can you see if you have any problem with 1.35.0? There was a change in 1.36.0 that might be related so I wonder if 1.35.0 works for you.