Toggle find/replace


It’s really annoying that there is no way to hide the find/replace panel once you have/haven’t found what you have wanted.


All you have to do is press the ESC key.


That’s great, thanks :smiley: that’s not very obvious to a new user though.


Agreed, this is what brought me to the forum, never would have guessed to use the Exc key.


I’m not sure how that could be made more obvious. I use ESC in other applications to close the find window or sub-window, Chrome and Firefox to name but two.

But perhaps someone wants to open an issue on the search and replace project to add a close button?


Can you find an app that uses Esc to close a find window or sub-window that does not also give you a more discoverable way to close it (like an X button)?

Other areas of the app have a way to toggle visibility. An example would be “Toggle Tree View” in the View menu. You’ve made it explicit how to toggle some things from menu items and also given them defined keyboard shortcuts. It would seem more consistent to have a way to also toggle the view of the find pane from the View menu. That’s probably why I didn’t even guess or try Esc, there were ways to toggle other things but not the find window, thought maybe it was just a feature you hadn’t implemented yet.


When I said that I wasn’t sure how it could be made more obvious, I was stating that I do not have any ideas on how to get users to discover the ESC key specifically other than relying on idiom. Yes, an X button gives a much more discoverable way to close the sub-window … but it doesn’t help anyone discover the ESC key idiom.

A better example would be the Command Palette, also in the View menu. The Command Palette, like the Find sub-window, is a transient view … intended to only be up for as long as needed whereas the Tree View is something that is usually always open (for a window that is viewing a project) or always closed (for a window that is not viewing a project). The Command Palette can be dismissed by both its shortcut ⌘⇧P (being cited specifically as a toggle in the View menu) and the ESC key. The Find window works a little differently however … since ⌘F summons it but does not dismiss it. Should there be an entry in the View menu titled “Hide Find View” with the ESC shortcut mentioned?

Sadly, I can’t take credit for any part of the Atom editor. I’m not an employee of GitHub nor a member of the Atom team. I’m just an enthusiastic helper here on the board.

I, personally, don’t feel that the Find view needs a close button. But if you do, I’d suggest adding an issue on the find and replace package or creating a pull request. This is why the Atom team is having this beta … to get feedback from users pointing out the things important to them.


Got it, thanks leedohm!

Atom looks very cool.


I usually just hit Cmd+F again.
It was maddening that standard action got me nowhere.


How about an “X” close button on the find window that displays “Esc” in a popup when you hover? (Some other programs display the quickkey when you hover over the button.

This is the very first thing I had to come to the forums to figure out. I’d never come across the “Esc” idiom before in this context.


I agree; [Esc] is not intuitive, especially there are no real tutorials out for Atom AFAIK.

Similar to writing code; you can write code that is easier for others to use & edit, or write code that is easier for YOU but no one else.


Now it says “Close this panel with the esc key”, I think that should be sufficient.

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