Toggle comment shortcoming (bug) when commenting out


I have commented this html by using the comment toggle command while having the 4 lines selected:

<!-- <div class="legend">
<div class="label agree">Agree</div>
<div class="label disagree">Disagree</div>
</div> -->

Unfortunately, firing the toggle comment again while having the cursor anywhere inside these 4 lines doesn’t properly comment out these lines (like it does in sublimetext or brackets for example)

Not having to select all the commented lines to comment out is for me the main advantage of the toggle comment command.
If this could get fixed (I assume it isn’t a simple fix) I could fall back in love with atom again.


There is an open Issue for this here:

You may want to subscribe to it for updates.


I just subscribed thanks, my apologies for the noise but for some reason that issue isn’t indexed by the search engine
searching for “Uncommenting block comments not behaving as expected” only returns this very post with your link to it