Toggle between writing and coding styles?


I am new to atom and so far I love it. If possible, I would really like to use it, though, for two distinct purposes: writing and coding. The only roadblock is that my preferred themes are very different for the two activities. For writing I want a bigger font, a narrower page width (before moving to the next line), and so on. I can make atom great for coding and great for writing, but not at the same time. Is there possibly an easy way to toggle between different themes (and maybe other preferences)? Should I just have two different installations of atom maybe? Or is there a way to have different preferences for different file extensions (txt vs cc, for example)?



Let’s see if I can break this down :grinning:

Some preferences, yes. You can see the list of which preferences at the bottom of the settings view for the individual language package. For example:

  1. Launch Atom
  2. Open the Settings View using Cmd+, on OS X or Ctrl+, on other platforms
  3. Click the Packages button
  4. Search for language-gfm for the Markdown package
  5. Click the Settings button on the language-gfm box

There is the typewriter package (and I believe there are other packages too) that does some of this.

No, there isn’t an easy way to toggle between different themes built-in to Atom. (There might be packages that offer this though.)

I hope that helps!


I’m having that same problem, but it is taking me a while to write various plugins to handle it (though, I haven’t gotten to the font stuff yet). Mostly, I’m using files like language.json and my own json files to figure out when I need to switch to writing mode.

For a simple, someone might be able to write a plugin that looks for the presence or contents of well-known files and then add additional grammars to the buffer that would resize it. I think that might work, but I haven’t gotten that far.