To shake hands with XAMPP


XAMPP is an open source product of Bitnami. The only thing it lacks is ATOM editor. I request to this community to merge these two products together.


I don’t think merging any editor with a web framework is a good idea full stop. In fact, I would suggest that it’s a bad idea in nearly all cases. (Before you ask, a CMS does not equal a web framework.)


Why would you include an editor with a webserver stack? Or, why stop there and not include an image editor as well?


As Java has netbeans IDE with apache server as well as Tomcat server on other hand MS .NET has its own. I just request to have an editor as well.


There’s no reason you can’t use Atom as the editor for your XAMPP stuff. But I don’t see why Atom should be exclusively for XAMPP :grinning:


I agree. I would go as far as to say that unless you have a good, specific reason then the idea of an editor being exclusive to a single software package / distribution is asinine.